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It was way back in the late 1950’s that our great grandfather Shri Raghunath asked himself these questions and decided to start his own business Kakubhai & Sons with the sole intention of carrying forward the age old craft of integrating the wonder mettle Copper into the evolving lifestyles. With a clear focus, keen business acumen and a strong will the first manufacturing unit was started in the 1990’s and ever since, Success has been a constant companion.

Today as we stand as the 4th generation inheritors of this high ideal, we are all poised to take forward the same to global markets with novel pieces that suited to the global clime and unique to our indigenous values.

We are living in exciting times as we stand on the threshold of a New-Age world which is sensitive to the fast changing ecological needs, has a defined aesthetic sense and recognizes the wisdom of age old methods of wellbeing and Spiritual pursuits.

Pratik is geared to introduce our chain of signature Copper product store and have a wide array of copper products under four main categories, Spiritual, Wellness, Décor and Traditional. The health benefits of Copper are manifold and is the perfect answer to the environmental question of plastic overload. Copper bottles replace the plastic ones and by doing this we showcase our solidarity to our Nation as we rise to Our Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s clarion Call ‘Fit India’.

We look forward to having you all walk the journey with us to enable a solid way of ensuring India’s age old secrets find a place on the global map.