Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Utensils


Copper and Stainless steel have been used over the years for many industrial and household purposes. Both have been proved to be very useful and are sustainable options in comparison to the others.

Copper and steel are both metals that can be custom made to serve various purposes. Both these metals can be recycled over and over again with most of its essence still staying the same. But, they are also very contrasting metals that are used for specific purposes. Let’s see how.



Copper is a naturally occurring metal

Steel is an alloy that majorly constitutes and metals like carbon, phosphorus, silicon, and manganese in small amounts.

Copper is mainly used in things like electrical wiring, heating applications, utensils, coinage, weaponry

Steel is mainly used to make nails, doors, frames, automobiles, furniture, and steel structures.

Copper can easily get toxic when it gets corroded

Steel, as it’s an alloy, doesn’t get too toxic. Hence it is used in surgical implants, kitchen tabletops, and vessels. It stays hygienic for a long time.

Copper is more ductile

Steel  is less ductile

Copper is not very malleable

Steel is very malleable

Copper is more expensive

Steel is cheaper

Copper requires more maintenance

Steel requires less maintenance

Copper has anti-microbial properties

Steel does not have anti-microbial properties

Copper has a natural color

Steel picks it color from the alloy of the metals that constitute it.

Copper is a good conductor of heat

Steel doesn’t conduct heat as well as copper

Copper rusts fast

Steel is mostly rust-resistant

Copper in a certain amount is essential for the well-being of a human body


Steel isn’t very much required for the well-being of the human body

Copper is heavy

Steel is lighter than copper

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, copper has proved to be the better alternative of metal to use for various purposes and its demand has increased a lot. When the virus settles on a copper surface the virus is destroyed within minutes due to its anti-microbial properties in comparison to steel. Steel is definitely a cheaper and more efficient metal but when safety is in jeopardy, change to copper has to be made to ensure the safety of the future.


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