Best Ways to Use Copper to Fight against Virus.

Copper has been one of the most ancient metals to be used in the world. This heavy metal which was discovered in 5000 BC in Mesopotamia (present-day Iran) has been serving multiple purposes. The metal has proven to show the presence of medicinal properties in it. In traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda copper and its micronutrients have been used for medicines and treatments for many years across the country.

After the onset of the pandemic, a lot of research has been done to see how copper can serve as an alternate in various arenas. Copper and its alloys have shown anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties within it. So, exposure to copper to a virus destroys its respiratory system within minutes. This has led people to want to use this in the long run as well as within homes, communal places, hospitals, areas of mass gathering, and so on to protect and preserve the public from the present pandemic and from further diseases of this kind that might come. The world is moving to this permanent lifestyle change for the benefit of the future. 

A lot of organizations, offices, and hospitals have come up with some initial steps towards the change whose initiatives we have concluded here below. So, this is how they intend to implement it.

  • Hospitals

Hospitals are the places that needs to be most vigilant to curb the spread of the viruses. People with various illnesses come and go making it the most vulnerable place to catch the virus. So, hospitals can do the following to make the place safer for the patients and their staff:

  1. Hard surfaces such as bed rails, sinks, counter tops, soap dispensers, grab bars, and toilet flushesare to be replaced with a copper alternative or added with a layer of the copper-impregnated composite to existing items.
  2. Patients can be given copper laced linens to sleep on and copper-laced gown to wear so that it is more effective.
  • Public places

Right now, we are advised not to go out and are forced to be locked within our home but at some point,we will have to get back on track and live lives in the new normal. But preventive measures have to be made to ensure that another outbreak doesn’t happen.

  1. All public transport like buses, trains, subways, and airplanes have to coated with copper as several people touch the seats, handles, door, grab bar, washroom, and linen among others.
  2. If food is served it must be done in copper-plated vessels so that the viruses don’t spread any further.
  3. Copper induced hand rub liquid must be installed in all public places so that people can use it effectively from time to time.
  • Within homes

All precautions and care start at home. Inducing the use of copper has become a much called for a change in our lifestyle.

  1. Use copper pots and bottles to store water in and drink water from. It has been claimed to have several medicinal properties.
  2. Use copper vessels to cook and store food.
  3. Wear copper jewellery like earrings, bracelets, rings, and anklets.

Copper can be slightly expensive to induce in every aspect of our lives. But with the help of governments, this could be made possible. Copper has now become the most sought-after metal. And with India’s strong and rich history with the metal, it is time to embrace our history and culture of using copper. Now it has become more than just concept of culture, it has become a life and death situation.

Let us now begin to embrace the use of copper for a sustainable and safe future for the days to come.

Let us now begin to embrace the use of copper for a sustainable and safe future for the days to come

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